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Eligibility Requirements For an Immigration Bond

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Empire Immigration Law Blog, Immigration Bond

Are you looking to get an immigration bond in New York? Watch this video to learn about the eligibility requirements for an immigration bond.


What are the eligibility requirements to receive an immigration bond?


Recently we received a phone call from a family member of a loved one who was recently arrested by ICE and taken into custody. The individual was being detained in one of the detention centers here in the United States. While talking with this family member about the possibilities, one of the possibilities that we mentioned was an immigration bond. The question naturally is, “What is an immigration bond?”

An immigration bond is usually an amount of money that is held by the Department of Homeland Security. This money is held in security. This money tells the Department of Homeland Security that, if the individual is released, they will show up in court every single time and will not commit any crimes and that they’re not a flight risk or a danger to the community. This bond is usually returned to the person that pays it at the end of the case. If the person does not show up in court or if they get in trouble, it is possible that the Department of Homeland Security can keep this money.

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